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Application For Apartment Occupancy

An application fee of $35 per applicant is required and a separate application is required for each individual over the age of 18 who will live in the apartment.

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Rental Application Screening Criteria

TO THE APPLICANT: The following criteria will be used to determine the approval or denial of your rental application. If you are not approved for rental, we will notify you within fourteen (14) days with the reasons for denial. If you request, we will also provide you with the name, address and phone number of any tenant screening agency or other credit reporting agency used in considering your application.

Screening Criteria:

  1. Criminal History: Applicant shall not have a criminal history which includes any felony, criminal sexual offenses, domestic abuse or other violent offense of any nature.
  2. Evictions: Applicant shall not have any evictions or unlawful detainer on record. It is the sole responsibility of applicant to provide proof that any record which may show up on applicant's report is not related to applicant.
  3. Rental References: Applicant shall have a rental reference from current and previous landlords which is neutral at worst. Rental reference shall confirm applicant's compliance with the terms of the lease.
  4. Rental History: If applicant does not have a rental history of at lease one year, applicant must have a qualified adult willing to co-sign applicant's residential lease.
  5. Application: Applicant shall not have provided any incomplete or false statements on rental application.
  6. Credit: Applicant shall have a credit score greater than 600. If applicant has a credit score less than 600 but greater than 500, applicant may be required to pay last months rent in addition to any security deposit. Any credit score under 500 may be cause for denial.
  7. Income: Applicant shall demonstrate that applicant has sufficient income to pay rent in addition to other financial obligations which are evident on applicant's credit report. As a rule of thumb, applicant shall have approx. three (3) times the monthly rent in monthly income.
  8. Application Fee & Security Deposit: Applicant shall, at the time of application, provide a check or money order for application fee and security deposit in an amount directed by leasing agent. No cash will be accepted. Funds must be available and verifiable the day checks are tendered, or else applicant may be denied

If your application is denied for any reason not listed above, Pergola Management, LLC will return your application fee in full.

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